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They find it; now the challenge is keeping the legendary outlaw treasure hidden in the dark recesses of a mysterious Arizona desert cave. In 1934, two young men are desperate to find relief for their families during the Depression. They leave home to work in a government program to develop the vast Colossal Cave near Tucson, Arizona. The accidental discovery of a long-hidden stash from two train robberies in 1887 suddenly presents the men with a dilemma: Their find can solve their families’ problems, but they may break the law to do it. Would they be heroes or criminals?

They become partners to overcome constant obstacles in their struggle against relentless dangers and treachery. Everyone wants a piece of the treasure: co-workers, thieves, kidnappers, and even the US Government. Their lives change forever as their many adventures lead them in unexpected directions across southern Arizona, into Mexico, and a future neither could imagine.

Cactizonaians’ Treasure will give you a new perspective on finding lost riches and what it might take to keep them.  You’ll never dream of finding lost treasure in the same way!



Signed Paperback or Hardcover direct from Author




Honkytonk brawls, brushes with famous and infamous people and a career as a songwriter in Music City USA fill this personal and revealing look at being "The Guy With The Guitar". A country boy's love of guitar became his ticket out of the monotony of farm life to a journey through Rock and Roll, Country, Jazz, and Blues to a songwriting career in Music City USA.



Long time musician Bart Ambrose reveals tips and techniques learned from years of traveling with a guitar to guide you through steps to prepare for your trip with your guitar.


 You will find practical and easily applied information in this book to protect your instrument in a wide variety of conditions and travel options including:

•Tips and techniques for preparing your guitar in its case for travel

•The types of risks with air travel and strategies to prevent or minimize damage

•How to travel by car or van, bus, and train and protect your instrument

•Tips for international travel

•How to assemble a traveling accessory kit.


 You will be far ahead of most other traveling musicians by following the book's travel strategies and simple techniques for packing your instrument (with photo examples). You will also gain the peace of mind of knowing that your instrument is well protected while you are traveling.


It only takes one mishap to seriously damage your guitar. Buy “How to Travel With Your Guitar” now, before you take that next trip!

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