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CACTIZONIAN'S TREASURE is a novel which combines a well documented legend of lost outlaw plunder in what is now known as Colossal Cave, near Tucson, with a story of how the Great Depression might have led to its discovery. I was fascinated by the legend which involved loot from two actual train robberies near Tucson in the late 1800's. Treasure seekers have searched the cave many years looking for it with no known success.

The story unfolds around two young men working in the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934 to develop the cave for public use. They become partners after one of them inadvertently stumbles onto the cache of loot while working in the cave. They learn the hard way that finding it and keeping it are two very different things.

The story becomes a test of each man's nature and ability to face unforeseen dangers and hardships. Romance blossoms along the way and their adventure eventually leads them to Mexico and lives neither could have imagined.

This statue stands at the entrance to the park visitors' center at the present day cave entrance to Colossal Cave Park. It is a monument to the men who worked so hard to endure the depression, help their families survive, and develop a fabulous cave for the public to enjoy.

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