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In this second novel in the adventures of  Deputy Sean O’Conner series set in 1945, he investigates a small plane crash on a rugged wilderness peak far west of Phoenix in Maricopa County, Arizona.  A desert hunter gets to the wreck first and removes a valuable case belonging to a Las Vegas casino. Its owners badly want it back and send men to find it. A chain of events follows, resulting in the hunter swearing deadly vengeance on everyone searching for him—and anyone he perceives as wronging him. He uses a lifetime of desert knowledge and his lethal hunting skills to ambush and eliminate his pursuers. Sean’s work turns into a full-blown murder investigation with multiple victims as he follows a trail of death left by the hunter. It becomes a game of cat and mouse until they finally meet on a rocky hillside in the desert wilderness.

The Ambush Artist leads you on a shocking and unforgettable adventure into a little-known part of Arizona’s Sonoran desert wilderness as the hunter becomes the hunted.

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Sean O’Conner returns home as a decorated hero after being wounded and surviving intense action as a commando behind German lines on D-Day, 1944. He suffers the heartbreaking loss of his parents while in a British hospital and decides to follow in his father’s footsteps by joining the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department in Arizona.


His first case is to investigate a girl gone missing from a transients’ cotton picker camp west of Phoenix. The seemingly routine disappearance leads Sean down a twisting and dangerous path to a man known as the Weighmaster and a mysterious place called the Orange Palace. His efforts reveal the Weighmaster's vicious kidnapping of missing teenage girls from the cotton fields to sell them into prostitution in a human trafficking operation that leads through the Orange Palace to organized crime in Detroit.

Sean’s relentless efforts to find the missing girls lead to attempts on his life and more tragic personal loss as he pursues the Weighmaster. The two men become locked in a revenge-fueled struggle that only one will survive.

The Weighmaster will keep you turning pages to follow the perilous investigation and breakup of a criminal organization that leads from Detroit to Phoenix and finally deep into Mexico.

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They find it; now the challenge is keeping the legendary outlaw treasure long hidden in the dark recesses of a mysterious Arizona desert cave. In 1934, two young men are desperate to find jobs to help their families during the Depression. They leave home to work in a government program to develop a vast cave near Tucson, Arizona. The accidental discovery of a long-hidden stash from two train robberies in 1887 suddenly presents the men with a dilemma: Their find can solve their families’ problems, but they may break the law to do it. Would they be heroes or criminals?

They become partners to overcome constant obstacles in their struggle against relentless dangers and treachery. Everyone wants a piece of the treasure: coworkers, thieves, kidnappers, and even the US government.  Their lives change forever as their many adventures lead them in unexpected directions across southern Arizona, into Mexico, and a future neither could imagine.

Cactizonians’ Treasure will give you a new perspective on finding lost riches and what it might take to keep them. You’ll never dream of finding lost treasure in the same way!


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Honkytonk brawls, brushes with famous and infamous people, and taking on a new career as a songwriter all play out in this memoir of a musician’s years through teenage rock and roller, a “hired gun” honkytonk country guitar player, an upscale jazz and blues player, and as a songwriter in Music City USA. Bart shares his personal and often humorous short stories of teaching himself to play guitar, being upstaged by the Beatles, snubbing one of the most prominent guitar stars in rock and roll history, and the bumps and bruises of learning the song writing business.


A young boy’s discovery of the guitar as a ticket out of the monotony of farm life begins this trip through many years of experiences in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Tennessee. The guitar became his first love and it has been a constant in his journey. It is a personal and revealing look at how being the “guy with the guitar” profoundly influenced his life. His emotional attachment to many of his instruments, the musician’s constant craving for something newer and better, and the heartache of loss of his most valued possession all color these stories of life as a musician.

Guitar Journey will give you a rich perspective on a musicians life.



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This book brings together in one place all the information you need to protect your guitar   when traveling.  You will find a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate the many pitfalls of commercial travel as well as traveling by car or van. Whether you are planning your first journey with your instrument or you are a seasoned traveler, this book will prepare you for many of the unforeseen dangers to your guitar.


In “How To Travel With Your Guitar” long-time musician Bart Ambrose reveals tips and techniques learned from years of traveling with a guitar to guide you through steps in preparing your instrument in its case for your trip.  His trip planning strategies will help you plan your journey in the best way possible for both you and your guitar and minimize the risk of damage or loss.


It only takes one serious mishap to seriously damage your guitar.  This book provides you all you need to know to avoid the common mistakes people make in traveling with their instrument and avoid costly repairs or loss.  If you follow the travel strategies and simple techniques (with photo examples) shown for packing your instrument you will be far ahead of most other traveling musicians.  You will also gain the peace of mind of knowing that your instrument is well protected while you are traveling. 



Buy “How to Travel With Your Guitar” now, before you take that next trip!

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