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           All songs written and arranged by Bart Ambrose
               Lyrics and Music  © 2022 Bart Ambrose  All Rights Reserved

Free to listen. Download an album if you like the songs, pay whatever you want.


NASHVILLE WAYS is a collection of songs produced in Nashville and performed by some of the author's favorite studio artists.

Julie Burton: Julie's incredibly beautiful voice gives life to two of these songs. She has performed on many Nashville recordings. Julie currently devotes much of her tIme to the Steele Magnolia Sanctuary, a non-profit organization that provides a permanent refuge for abandoned, abused and neglected horses.

Dave Smith: Dave is an amazingly talented musician, vocalist, and producer. He has performed with many major country artists and appeared on the Grand Ole Opry.

Weston Harvey: Weston's rich baritone voice has just the right blend of range and feeling to bring a song to life. His performances on these songs supply a great dose of upbeat energy and grit.

* Recorded and produced at Denny Martin Studios, Nashville, TN. Denny is a great producer working with some of the best musicians Nashville has to offer.

**Recorded and produced at Dave Smith studio, Mount Juliet, TN


TUNES FOR TRAVELERS is a collection of acoustic songs developed and performed as part of a humorous program of stories and songs about the author's experiences over many years of air travel.

Jet Lag Blues: A day in the life of a jet setting businessman.

The Bump: Last minute unexpected changes to your travel plans, courtesy of the airlines.

Ballad For A Lost Bag: A different perspective on the bag you lost and never saw again.

Customs Man: An encounter with one last layer of bureaucracy before you can get on with your plans.

Time Zone Shuffle: What happens to our biological clock crossing the International Dateline?

X-ray Lady: Ever wonder about the effects of staring at a baggage x-ray screen for hours on end?

T.B.S: Secret government studies have confirmed it - Frequent travelers suffer from a chronic ailment called "Tired Backside Syndrome"!

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