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In this second novel in the adventures of  Deputy Sean O’Conner series set in 1945, he investigates a small plane crash on a rugged wilderness peak far west of Phoenix in Maricopa County, Arizona.  A desert hunter gets to the wreck first and removes a valuable case belonging to a Las Vegas casino. Its owners badly want it back and send men to find it. A chain of events follows, resulting in the hunter swearing deadly vengeance on everyone searching for him—and anyone he perceives as wronging him. He uses a lifetime of desert knowledge and his lethal hunting skills to ambush and eliminate his pursuers. Sean’s work turns into a full-blown murder investigation with multiple victims as he follows a trail of death left by the hunter. It becomes a game of cat and mouse until they finally meet on a rocky hillside in the desert wilderness.

The Ambush Artist leads you on a shocking and unforgettable adventure into a little-known part of Arizona’s Sonoran desert wilderness as the hunter becomes the hunted.

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